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Written by Carolyne Aarsen

Written by Dorothy Adamek

Series: Blue Wren Shallows

Book Cover: Carry Me Home
Carry Me Home

Written by Hannah Alexander

Written by Renee Andrews

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Baby Wanted
Baby Wanted

Written by Narelle Atkins

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: His Perfect Catch
His Perfect Catch

Written by Lisa Belcastro

Series: Winds of Change

A Shenandoah Christmas
A Shenandoah Christmas

Written by Misty M. Beller

Series: Mountain Dreams

Book Cover: The Lady and the Mountain Man
The Lady and the Mountain Man

Written by Joanne Bischof

Series: Cadence of Grace

This Quiet Sky
This Quiet Sky

Written by Terri Blackstock

Stand-Alone Books


Written by Cathy Bryant

Series: Miller's Creek

Book Cover: Texas Roads
Texas Roads

Written by Sandra Byrd

Series: French Twist

Let Them Eat Cake
Let Them Eat Cake

Written by Vannetta Chapman

Series: Jacobs Family

Book Cover: Hidden

Written by MaryAnn Diorio

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Surrender to Love
Surrender to Love

Series: The Italian Chronicles

Book Cover: The Madonna of Pisano
The Madonna of Pisano

Written by Lena Nelson Dooley

Stand-Alone Books

Can You Help Me?
Can You Help Me?

Written by Cecelia Dowdy

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Loving Luke
Loving Luke

Series: Bakery Romance

Raspberry Kisses
Raspberry Kisses

Written by Juliette Duncan

Series: The Madeleine Richards Series

Book Cover: Rebellion in Riversleigh
Rebellion in Riversleigh
Book Cover: The Madeleine Richards Box Set
The Madeleine Richards Box Set

Series: The Shadows Trilogy

Book Cover: Lingering Shadows
Lingering Shadows
Book Cover: Facing the Shadows
Facing the Shadows
Book Cover: Beyond the Shadows
Beyond the Shadows

Series: The True Love Series

Book Cover: Tender Love
Tender Love

Written by Rachel Dylan

Series: Windy Ridge Legal Thriller

Book Cover: Trial and Tribulations
Trial and Tribulations

Written by Luana Ehrlich

Written by Camille Elliot

Series: Lady Wynwood

Book Cover: The Spinster's Christmas
The Spinster's Christmas

Written by Janet W. Ferguson

Written by K. E. Ganshert

Series: The Gifting

Book Cover: The Gifting
The Gifting

Written by Heather Day Gilbert

Series: A Murder in the Mountains

Book Cover: Miranda Warning
Miranda Warning
Book Cover: Trial by Twelve
Trial by Twelve

Series: Vikings of the New World Saga

Book Cover: God's Daughter
God's Daughter

Written by Robin Jones Gunn

Series: Christy & Todd: The Married Years

Book Cover: Forever With You
Forever With You
Book Cover: Home of Our Hearts
Home of Our Hearts
Book Cover: One More Wish
One More Wish

Written by Jody Hedlund

Series: Beacons of Hope

Book Cover: Forever Safe
Forever Safe
Book Cover: Never Forget
Never Forget

Written by Ruth Logan Herne

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Try, Try Again
Try, Try Again

Written by R. S. Ingermanson

Series: City of God

Book Cover: Transgression

Written by Keely Brooke Keith

Written by Sharon A. Lavy

Written by Tamara Leigh

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Dreamspell

Written by Julie Lessman

Series: Daughters of Boston

A Light in the Window
A Light in the Window

Series: Isle of Hope

Book Cover: Isle of Hope
Isle of Hope

Written by Richard L. Mabry

Written by Gail Gaymer Martin

Stand-Alone Books

Treasures of Her Heart
Treasures of Her Heart

Written by Cheryl McKay

Stand-Alone Books

Song of Springhill
Song of Springhill

Written by Angela D. Meyer

Stand-Alone Books

Where Hope Starts
Where Hope Starts

Written by DiAnn Mills

Stand-Alone Books


Written by Sarah Monzon

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: The Isaac Project
The Isaac Project

Written by Nancy Moser

Series: Manor House

Book Cover: Love of the Summerfields
Love of the Summerfields

Written by Sarah Price

Stand-Alone Books

Amish Faith
Amish Faith

Written by Naomi Rawlings

Written by Rachel Rossano

Series: Novel of Rhynan

Book Cover: Duty
Book Cover: Honor

Written by Melissa Tagg

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: One December Night
One December Night

Series: Walker Family

Book Cover: Keep Holding On
Keep Holding On

Written by Carrie Turansky

Written by Dan Walsh

Series: Jack Turner Suspense

When Night Comes
When Night Comes

Written by Merrillee Whren

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