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Published by // Independent Publication

Book Cover: Never Forget
Never Forget
Book Cover: Doctor's Dilemma
Doctor's Dilemma
Book Cover: Cardiac Event
Cardiac Event
Book Cover: Four Months in Cuba
Four Months in Cuba

Published by // Independent Publication - Republished

Book Cover: A Silence in the Heart
A Silence in the Heart
Book Cover: Any Man of Mine
Any Man of Mine
Book Cover: Waiting for His Return
Waiting for His Return
Book Cover: Homecoming
Book Cover: Her Heart's Promise
Her Heart's Promise

Published by Barbour Publishing

Book Cover: Gladden the Heart
Gladden the Heart
Book Cover: Colors of Christmas
Colors of Christmas

Published by Bethany House Publishers

Book Cover: Amish Weddings
Amish Weddings
Book Cover: In the Shadow of Denali
In the Shadow of Denali
Book Cover: The Mark of the King
The Mark of the King
Book Cover: An Uncommon Courtship
An Uncommon Courtship
Book Cover: At Your Request
At Your Request
Book Cover: Murder on the Moor
Murder on the Moor
Book Cover: Still Life
Still Life
Book Cover: Worth the Wait
Worth the Wait
Book Cover: King's Blood
King's Blood
Book Cover: A Note Yet Unsung
A Note Yet Unsung
Book Cover: Long Time Gone
Long Time Gone
Book Cover: To the Farthest Shores
To the Farthest Shores
Book Cover: Treasured Grace
Treasured Grace
Book Cover: The Ebb Tide
The Ebb Tide
Book Cover: Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes
Book Cover: Invitation
Book Cover: The Chapel Car Bride
The Chapel Car Bride
Book Cover: A Love So True
A Love So True
Book Cover: Threads of Suspicion
Threads of Suspicion
Book Cover: True to You
True to You
Book Cover: Wings of the Wind
Wings of the Wind
Book Cover: Dark Deception
Dark Deception
Book Cover: Heart on the Line
Heart on the Line
Book Cover: High as the Heavens
High as the Heavens
Book Cover: The Captain's Daughter
The Captain's Daughter
Book Cover: With You Always
With You Always
Book Cover: Beloved Hope
Beloved Hope
Book Cover: A Name Unknown
A Name Unknown
Book Cover: The Legacy
The Legacy
Book Cover: Egypt's Sister
Egypt's Sister
Book Cover: The Assault
The Assault
Book Cover: The Promise of Dawn
The Promise of Dawn
Book Cover: The Two of Us
The Two of Us
Book Cover: Fatal Trust
Fatal Trust
Book Cover: Cherished Mercy
Cherished Mercy
Book Cover: An Inconvenient Beauty
An Inconvenient Beauty
Book Cover: Crown of Souls
Crown of Souls
Book Cover: The Proving
The Proving
Book Cover: Deadly Proof
Deadly Proof
Book Cover: Too Far Down
Too Far Down
Book Cover: Blind Spot
Blind Spot
Book Cover: Where We Belong
Where We Belong
Book Cover: A Dangerous Legacy
A Dangerous Legacy
Book Cover: A Plain Leaving
A Plain Leaving
Book Cover: Death at Thorburn Hall
Death at Thorburn Hall
Book Cover: Out of the Ordinary
Out of the Ordinary
Book Cover: The Sound of Rain
The Sound of Rain
Book Cover: The House on Foster Hill
The House on Foster Hill
Book Cover: The Ladies of Ivy Cottage
The Ladies of Ivy Cottage
Book Cover: Holding the Fort
Holding the Fort
Book Cover: Probing

Published by Harvest House Publishing

Book Cover: Sunset in Old Savannah
Sunset in Old Savannah

Published by Revell Books

Book Cover: Purgatory Road
Purgatory Road
Book Cover: A Moonbow Night
A Moonbow Night
Book Cover: Moving Target
Moving Target
Book Cover: Justice Delayed
Justice Delayed
Book Cover: The Newcomer
The Newcomer
Book Cover: Rescue Me
Rescue Me
Book Cover: Recruits
Book Cover: Redeeming Grace
Redeeming Grace
Book Cover: A Stolen Heart
A Stolen Heart
Book Cover: When Tides Turn
When Tides Turn
Book Cover: Murder is No Accident
Murder is No Accident
Book Cover: Sandpiper Cove
Sandpiper Cove
Book Cover: Pursued
Book Cover: What Hope Remembers
What Hope Remembers
Book Cover: Trusting Grace
Trusting Grace
Book Cover: Naomi's Hope
Naomi's Hope
Book Cover: Under a Summer Sky
Under a Summer Sky
Book Cover: Freedom's Price
Freedom's Price
Book Cover: On Love's Gentle Shore
On Love's Gentle Shore
Book Cover: Over Maya Dead Body
Over Maya Dead Body
Book Cover: A Matter of Trust
A Matter of Trust
Book Cover: Fault Lines
Fault Lines
Book Cover: Chasing Secrets
Chasing Secrets
Book Cover: The Return
The Return
Book Cover: The Christmas Blessing
The Christmas Blessing
Book Cover: These Healing Hills
These Healing Hills
Book Cover: Justice Buried
Justice Buried
Book Cover: All She Left Behind
All She Left Behind
Book Cover: The Day the Angels Fell
The Day the Angels Fell
Book Cover: Dangerous Illusions
Dangerous Illusions
Book Cover: The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck
The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck
Book Cover: Renegades
Book Cover: Vanishing Point
Vanishing Point
Book Cover: An Amish Country Christmas
An Amish Country Christmas

Published by Tyndale House Publishers

Book Cover: Deep Extraction
Deep Extraction

Published by WaterBrook Multnomah

Book Cover: Shine Like the Dawn
Shine Like the Dawn




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