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Published by // Independent Publication

Book Cover: Tender Love
Tender Love
Book Cover: Leaving Oxford
Leaving Oxford
Book Cover: Forever Safe
Forever Safe
Book Cover: Going Up South
Going Up South
Book Cover: Tackling the Fields
Tackling the Fields
Book Cover: Three Weeks in Washington
Three Weeks in Washington
Book Cover: Keep Holding On
Keep Holding On
Book Cover: A Love to Call Mine
A Love to Call Mine
Book Cover: Blown Together
Blown Together
Book Cover: A Family to Call Ours
A Family to Call Ours

Published by // Independent Publication - Republished

Book Cover: Moonlight Over Manhattan
Moonlight Over Manhattan

Published by Abingdon Press

Book Cover: Medical Judgment
Medical Judgment

Published by Barbour Publishing

Book Cover: Hope in the Land
Hope in the Land
Book Cover: Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls

Published by Bethany House Publishers

Book Cover: With This Ring
With This Ring
Book Cover: Beyond the Silence
Beyond the Silence
Book Cover: A Worthy Heart
A Worthy Heart
Book Cover: Undaunted Hope
Undaunted Hope
Book Cover: Cold Shot
Cold Shot
Book Cover: Amish Sweethearts
Amish Sweethearts
Book Cover: Dressed for Death
Dressed for Death
Book Cover: A Treasure Concealed
A Treasure Concealed
Book Cover: Flirtation Walk
Flirtation Walk
Book Cover: Playing the Part
Playing the Part
Book Cover: The Atonement
The Atonement
Book Cover: Counted With the Stars
Counted With the Stars
Book Cover: The Inheritance
The Inheritance
Book Cover: The Reluctant Duchess
The Reluctant Duchess
Book Cover: The Midwife's Dilemma
The Midwife's Dilemma
Book Cover: Like Never Before
Like Never Before
Book Cover: King's Folly
King's Folly
Book Cover: The Boden Birthright
The Boden Birthright
Book Cover: Her One and Only
Her One and Only
Book Cover: Someone Like You
Someone Like You
Book Cover: Fading Starlight
Fading Starlight
Book Cover: Traces of Guilt
Traces of Guilt
Book Cover: Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past
Book Cover: Delilah: Treacherous Beauty
Delilah: Treacherous Beauty
Book Cover: From This Moment
From This Moment
Book Cover: No Other Will Do
No Other Will Do
Book Cover: A Haven on Orchard Lane
A Haven on Orchard Lane
Book Cover: An Elegant Facade
An Elegant Facade
Book Cover: A Beauty Refined
A Beauty Refined
Book Cover: No Way Up
No Way Up
Book Cover: Courageous
Book Cover: The Artisan's Wife
The Artisan's Wife
Book Cover: A Tapestry of Secrets
A Tapestry of Secrets
Book Cover: A Heart Most Certain
A Heart Most Certain
Book Cover: Where Hope Prevails
Where Hope Prevails
Book Cover: A Love Transformed
A Love Transformed
Book Cover: The Domino Effect
The Domino Effect
Book Cover: The Wish
The Wish
Book Cover: Love's Faithful Promise
Love's Faithful Promise
Book Cover: A Lady Unrivaled
A Lady Unrivaled
Book Cover: Waves of Mercy
Waves of Mercy
Book Cover: The Cottage
The Cottage
Book Cover: From This Day Forward
From This Day Forward
Book Cover: Shadow of the Storm
Shadow of the Storm
Book Cover: Fatal Frost
Fatal Frost
Book Cover: The Shattered Vigil
The Shattered Vigil
Book Cover: The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill
The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill
Book Cover: For the Record
For the Record
Book Cover: Conspiracy of Silence
Conspiracy of Silence

Published by Gilead Publishing

Book Cover: A Time to Rise
A Time to Rise

Published by Harvest House Publishing

What Happened on Beale Street
What Happened on Beale Street
Book Cover: Magnolia Moonlight
Magnolia Moonlight

Published by Revell Books

Book Cover: Thin Ice
Thin Ice
Book Cover: Where She Belongs
Where She Belongs
Book Cover: Merchant of Alyss
Merchant of Alyss
Book Cover: Hannah's Choice
Hannah's Choice
Book Cover: Always Watching
Always Watching
Book Cover: A Sweet Misfortune
A Sweet Misfortune
Book Cover: On Lone Star Trail
On Lone Star Trail
Book Cover: The Prophetess
The Prophetess
Book Cover: The Red Door Inn
The Red Door Inn
Book Cover: Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee
Book Cover: A Fool and His Monet
A Fool and His Monet
Book Cover: Silence in the Dark
Silence in the Dark
Book Cover: The Magnolia Duchess
The Magnolia Duchess
Book Cover: The Quieting
The Quieting
Book Cover: Anchor in the Storm
Anchor in the Storm
Book Cover: Every Bride Has Her Day
Every Bride Has Her Day
Book Cover: Murder Comes by Mail
Murder Comes by Mail
Book Cover: Sea Rose Lane
Sea Rose Lane
Book Cover: All Summer Long
All Summer Long
Book Cover: What Matters Most
What Matters Most
Book Cover: Missing
Book Cover: Honor Redeemed
Honor Redeemed
Book Cover: To Follow Her Heart
To Follow Her Heart
Book Cover: Flash Point
Flash Point
Book Cover: Without Warning
Without Warning
Book Cover: The Christmas Angel Project
The Christmas Angel Project
Book Cover: The Raven
The Raven
Book Cover: This Road We Traveled
This Road We Traveled
Book Cover: Mattie's Pledge
Mattie's Pledge
Book Cover: When Love Arrives
When Love Arrives
Book Cover: Tangled Webs
Tangled Webs
Book Cover: The Devoted
The Devoted
Book Cover: Where Two Hearts Meet
Where Two Hearts Meet
Book Cover: Another Day Another Dali
Another Day Another Dali
Book Cover: Wild Montana Skies
Wild Montana Skies
Book Cover: Storm

Published by Tyndale House Publishers

Book Cover: Trial By Fire
Trial By Fire
Book Cover: Deadly Encounter
Deadly Encounter



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