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Historical Fiction

(Sorted Alphabetically by Author)

Written by Dorothy Adamek

Book Cover: Carry Me Home
Carry Me Home

Written by Tamera Alexander

Book Cover: A Beauty So Rare
A Beauty So Rare
Book Cover: A Lasting Impression
A Lasting Impression
Book Cover: A Note Yet Unsung
A Note Yet Unsung

Written by Lynn Austin

Book Cover: Waves of Mercy
Waves of Mercy

Written by Lisa Belcastro

A Shenandoah Christmas
A Shenandoah Christmas

Written by Misty M. Beller

Book Cover: The Lady and the Mountain Man
The Lady and the Mountain Man

Written by Joanne Bischof

This Quiet Sky
This Quiet Sky

Written by Lawana Blackwell

Book Cover: A Haven on Orchard Lane
A Haven on Orchard Lane

Written by Maggie Brendan

Book Cover: A Sweet Misfortune
A Sweet Misfortune
Book Cover: The Trouble with Patience
The Trouble with Patience
Book Cover: Trusting Grace
Trusting Grace

Written by Kate Breslin

Book Cover: High as the Heavens
High as the Heavens

Written by Amanda Cabot

Book Cover: A Stolen Heart
A Stolen Heart

Written by Elizabeth Camden

Book Cover: From This Moment
From This Moment
Book Cover: To the Farthest Shores
To the Farthest Shores

Written by Mary Connealy

Book Cover: Long Time Gone
Long Time Gone
Book Cover: No Way Up
No Way Up
Book Cover: The Boden Birthright
The Boden Birthright
Book Cover: With This Ring
With This Ring

Written by Connilyn Cossette

Book Cover: Counted With the Stars
Counted With the Stars
Book Cover: Shadow of the Storm
Shadow of the Storm
Book Cover: Wings of the Wind
Wings of the Wind

Written by Linda Brooks Davis

Book Cover: The Calling of Ella McFarland
The Calling of Ella McFarland

Written by Julianna Deering

Book Cover: Death by the Book
Death by the Book
Book Cover: Dressed for Death
Dressed for Death
Book Cover: Murder at the Mikado
Murder at the Mikado
Book Cover: Murder on the Moor
Murder on the Moor
Book Cover: Rules of Murder
Rules of Murder

Written by Jennifer Delamere

Book Cover: The Captain's Daughter
The Captain's Daughter

Written by Rebecca DeMarino

Book Cover: A Place in His Heart
A Place in His Heart
Book Cover: To Capture Her Heart
To Capture Her Heart
Book Cover: To Follow Her Heart
To Follow Her Heart

Written by MaryAnn Diorio

Book Cover: The Madonna of Pisano
The Madonna of Pisano

Written by Jan Drexler

Book Cover: Hannah's Choice
Hannah's Choice
Book Cover: Mattie's Pledge
Mattie's Pledge
Book Cover: Naomi's Hope
Naomi's Hope

Written by Camille Elliot

Book Cover: The Spinster's Christmas
The Spinster's Christmas

Written by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book Cover: Anna's Crossing
Anna's Crossing
Book Cover: The Newcomer
The Newcomer
Book Cover: The Return
The Return

Written by Laura Frantz

Book Cover: A Moonbow Night
A Moonbow Night

Written by Heather Day Gilbert

Book Cover: God's Daughter
God's Daughter

Written by Jocelyn Green

Book Cover: The Mark of the King
The Mark of the King

Written by Jody Hedlund

Book Cover: Forever Safe
Forever Safe
Book Cover: Hearts Made Whole
Hearts Made Whole
Book Cover: Love Unexpected
Love Unexpected
Book Cover: Never Forget
Never Forget
Book Cover: Out of the Storm
Out of the Storm
Book Cover: Undaunted Hope
Undaunted Hope
Book Cover: With You Always
With You Always

Written by Angela Hunt

Book Cover: Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty
Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty
Book Cover: Delilah: Treacherous Beauty
Delilah: Treacherous Beauty
Book Cover: Egypt's Sister
Egypt's Sister
Book Cover: Esther: Royal Beauty
Esther: Royal Beauty

Written by Kristi Ann Hunter

Book Cover: A Lady of Esteem
A Lady of Esteem
Book Cover: A Noble Masquerade
A Noble Masquerade
Book Cover: An Elegant Facade
An Elegant Facade
Book Cover: An Uncommon Courtship
An Uncommon Courtship

Written by R. S. Ingermanson

Book Cover: Transgression

Written by Melissa Jagears

Book Cover: A Heart Most Certain
A Heart Most Certain
Book Cover: A Love So True
A Love So True
Book Cover: With This Ring
With This Ring

Written by Regina Jennings

Book Cover: A Most Inconvenient Marriage
A Most Inconvenient Marriage
Book Cover: At Love's Bidding
At Love's Bidding
Book Cover: For the Record
For the Record
Book Cover: With This Ring
With This Ring

Written by Christine Johnson

Book Cover: Freedom's Price
Freedom's Price
Book Cover: Honor Redeemed
Honor Redeemed
Book Cover: Love's Rescue
Love's Rescue

Written by Julianne Jones

Book Cover: To a Distant Land
To a Distant Land

Written by Keely Brooke Keith

Book Cover: Christmas with the Colburns
Christmas with the Colburns

Written by Jane Kirkpatrick

Book Cover: This Road We Traveled
This Road We Traveled

Written by Julie Klassen

Book Cover: The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill
The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

Written by Sharon A. Lavy

Dreaming of a Father's Love
Dreaming of a Father's Love

Written by Tamara Leigh

Book Cover: Dreamspell

Written by Julie Lessman

A Light in the Window
A Light in the Window

Written by Laurel Oke Logan

Book Cover: Where Courage Calls
Where Courage Calls
Book Cover: Where Hope Prevails
Where Hope Prevails
Book Cover: Where Trust Lies
Where Trust Lies

Written by Susan Anne Mason

Book Cover: A Worthy Heart
A Worthy Heart
Book Cover: Irish Meadows
Irish Meadows
Book Cover: Love's Faithful Promise
Love's Faithful Promise

Written by Cheryl McKay

Song of Springhill
Song of Springhill

Written by Judith Miller

Book Cover: The Artisan's Wife
The Artisan's Wife
Book Cover: The Brickmaker's Bride
The Brickmaker's Bride
Book Cover: The Chapel Car Bride
The Chapel Car Bride
Book Cover: The Potter's Lady
The Potter's Lady

Written by Siri Mitchell

Book Cover: Flirtation Walk
Flirtation Walk

Written by Nancy Moser

Book Cover: Love of the Summerfields
Love of the Summerfields

Written by Janette Oke

Book Cover: Where Courage Calls
Where Courage Calls
Book Cover: Where Hope Prevails
Where Hope Prevails
Book Cover: Where Trust Lies
Where Trust Lies

Written by Delia Parr

Book Cover: The Midwife's Choice
The Midwife's Choice
Book Cover: The Midwife's Dilemma
The Midwife's Dilemma
Book Cover: The Midwife's Tale
The Midwife's Tale

Written by Tracie Peterson

Book Cover: A Beauty Refined
A Beauty Refined
Book Cover: A Love Transformed
A Love Transformed
Book Cover: A Treasure Concealed
A Treasure Concealed
Book Cover: Beloved Hope
Beloved Hope
Book Cover: Beyond the Silence
Beyond the Silence
Book Cover: In the Shadow of Denali
In the Shadow of Denali
Book Cover: Treasured Grace
Treasured Grace

Written by Michael Phillips

Book Cover: The Cottage
The Cottage
Book Cover: The Inheritance
The Inheritance
Book Cover: The Legacy
The Legacy

Written by Naomi Rawlings

Love's Every Whisper
Love's Every Whisper
Love's Sure Dawn
Love's Sure Dawn
Love's Unfading Light
Love's Unfading Light

Written by Dina L. Sleiman

Book Cover: Chivalrous
Book Cover: Courageous
Book Cover: Dauntless

Written by Jill Eileen Smith

Book Cover: Redeeming Grace
Redeeming Grace
Book Cover: The Crimson Cord
The Crimson Cord
Book Cover: The Prophetess
The Prophetess

Written by Lauraine Snelling

Book Cover: A Harvest of Hope
A Harvest of Hope
Book Cover: From This Day Forward
From This Day Forward
Book Cover: Streams of Mercy
Streams of Mercy
Book Cover: The Promise of Dawn
The Promise of Dawn
Book Cover: To Everything a Season
To Everything a Season

Written by Sarah Sundin

Book Cover: Anchor in the Storm
Anchor in the Storm
Book Cover: Through Waters Deep
Through Waters Deep
Book Cover: When Tides Turn
When Tides Turn

Written by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Book Cover: A Tapestry of Secrets
A Tapestry of Secrets
Book Cover: Appalachian Serenade
Appalachian Serenade
Book Cover: Miracle in a Dry Season
Miracle in a Dry Season
Book Cover: Until the Harvest
Until the Harvest

Written by Peggy Trotter

Book Cover: Year of Jubilee
Year of Jubilee

Written by Jen Turano

Book Cover: After a Fashion
After a Fashion
Book Cover: At Your Request
At Your Request
Book Cover: Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes
Book Cover: In Good Company
In Good Company
Book Cover: Playing the Part
Playing the Part

Written by Beth White

Book Cover: The Creole Princess
The Creole Princess
Book Cover: The Magnolia Duchess
The Magnolia Duchess
Book Cover: The Pelican Bride
The Pelican Bride

Written by Roseanna M. White

Book Cover: A Lady Unrivaled
A Lady Unrivaled
Book Cover: A Name Unknown
A Name Unknown
Book Cover: The Lost Heiress
The Lost Heiress
Book Cover: The Reluctant Duchess
The Reluctant Duchess

Written by Karen Witemeyer

Book Cover: Heart on the Line
Heart on the Line
Book Cover: No Other Will Do
No Other Will Do
Book Cover: With This Ring
With This Ring
Book Cover: Worth the Wait
Worth the Wait

Written by Kimberley Woodhouse

Book Cover: Beyond the Silence
Beyond the Silence
Book Cover: In the Shadow of Denali
In the Shadow of Denali



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