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Directory of Indie & Small Press novels written from a Christian worldview.


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Contemporary Fiction

(Sorted Alphabetically by Author)

Written by Carolyne Aarsen

Book Cover: All in One Place
All in One Place
Book Cover: The Only Best Place
The Only Best Place
Book Cover: This Place
This Place

Written by Hannah Alexander

Dandelion Moon
Dandelion Moon
Hallowed Halls
Hallowed Halls
Book Cover: Necessary Measures
Necessary Measures
Book Cover: Second Opinion
Second Opinion
Book Cover: Urgent Care
Urgent Care

Written by Johnnie Alexander

Book Cover: What Hope Remembers
What Hope Remembers
Book Cover: When Love Arrives
When Love Arrives
Book Cover: Where She Belongs
Where She Belongs

Written by Renee Andrews

Book Cover: Baby Wanted
Baby Wanted

Written by Narelle Atkins

Book Cover: His Perfect Catch
His Perfect Catch

Written by Lisa Belcastro

A Shenandoah Christmas
A Shenandoah Christmas

Written by Terri Blackstock


Written by Renee Blare

Book Cover: Beast of Stratton
Beast of Stratton

Written by Patricia Bradley

Book Cover: A Promise to Protect
A Promise to Protect
Book Cover: Gone Without a Trace
Gone Without a Trace
Book Cover: Justice Buried
Justice Buried
Book Cover: Justice Delayed
Justice Delayed
Book Cover: Shadows of the Past
Shadows of the Past
Book Cover: Silence in the Dark
Silence in the Dark

Written by Cathy Bryant

Book Cover: Texas Roads
Texas Roads

Written by Davis Bunn

Book Cover: The Domino Effect
The Domino Effect

Written by Victoria Bylin

Book Cover: Someone Like You
Someone Like You
Book Cover: The Two of Us
The Two of Us

Written by Sandra Byrd

Let Them Eat Cake
Let Them Eat Cake

Written by Amanda Cabot

Book Cover: At Bluebonnet Lake
At Bluebonnet Lake
Book Cover: In Firefly Valley
In Firefly Valley
Book Cover: On Lone Star Trail
On Lone Star Trail

Written by Melody Carlson

Book Cover: All Summer Long
All Summer Long
Book Cover: Once Upon a Summertime
Once Upon a Summertime
Book Cover: The Christmas Angel Project
The Christmas Angel Project
Book Cover: Under a Summer Sky
Under a Summer Sky

Written by Vannetta Chapman

Book Cover: Hidden

Written by Kathryn Cushman

Book Cover: Fading Starlight
Fading Starlight

Written by MaryAnn Diorio

Book Cover: A Christmas Homecoming
A Christmas Homecoming
Book Cover: Surrender to Love
Surrender to Love

Written by Lena Nelson Dooley

Can You Help Me?
Can You Help Me?

Written by Cecelia Dowdy

Book Cover: Loving Luke
Loving Luke
Raspberry Kisses
Raspberry Kisses

Written by Juliette Duncan

Book Cover: Beyond the Shadows
Beyond the Shadows
Book Cover: Facing the Shadows
Facing the Shadows
Book Cover: Lingering Shadows
Lingering Shadows
Book Cover: Rebellion in Riversleigh
Rebellion in Riversleigh
Book Cover: Tender Love
Tender Love
Book Cover: The Madeleine Richards Box Set
The Madeleine Richards Box Set

Written by Lynette Eason

Book Cover: Always Watching
Always Watching
Book Cover: Chasing Secrets
Chasing Secrets
Book Cover: Moving Target
Moving Target
Book Cover: Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past
Book Cover: Without Warning
Without Warning

Written by Luana Ehrlich

Book Cover: One Night in Tehran
One Night in Tehran
Book Cover: Two Days in Caracas
Two Days in Caracas

Written by Mary Ellis

Book Cover: Magnolia Moonlight
Magnolia Moonlight
Book Cover: Midnight on the Mississippi
Midnight on the Mississippi
Book Cover: Sunset in Old Savannah
Sunset in Old Savannah
What Happened on Beale Street
What Happened on Beale Street

Written by Janet W. Ferguson

Book Cover: Blown Together
Blown Together
Book Cover: Going Up South
Going Up South
Book Cover: Leaving Oxford
Leaving Oxford
Book Cover: Tackling the Fields
Tackling the Fields

Written by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book Cover: An Amish Country Christmas
An Amish Country Christmas
Book Cover: The Devoted
The Devoted
Book Cover: The Imposter
The Imposter
Book Cover: The Quieting
The Quieting

Written by A.H. Gabhart

Book Cover: Murder at the Courthouse
Murder at the Courthouse
Book Cover: Murder Comes by Mail
Murder Comes by Mail
Book Cover: Murder is No Accident
Murder is No Accident

Written by Heather Day Gilbert

Book Cover: Miranda Warning
Miranda Warning
Book Cover: Trial by Twelve
Trial by Twelve

Written by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Book Cover: A Reason to Stay
A Reason to Stay
Book Cover: A Woman of Fortune
A Woman of Fortune
Book Cover: What Matters Most
What Matters Most
Book Cover: Where Rivers Part
Where Rivers Part

Written by Leslie Gould

Book Cover: A Plain Leaving
A Plain Leaving
Book Cover: Amish Promises
Amish Promises
Book Cover: Amish Sweethearts
Amish Sweethearts
Book Cover: Amish Weddings
Amish Weddings

Written by Andrea Grigg

Book Cover: A Simple Mistake
A Simple Mistake

Written by Robin Jones Gunn

Book Cover: Forever With You
Forever With You
Book Cover: Home of Our Hearts
Home of Our Hearts
Book Cover: One More Wish
One More Wish

Written by Irene Hannon

Book Cover: Buried Secrets
Buried Secrets
Book Cover: Dangerous Illusions
Dangerous Illusions
Book Cover: Hope Harbor
Hope Harbor
Book Cover: Sandpiper Cove
Sandpiper Cove
Book Cover: Sea Rose Lane
Sea Rose Lane
Book Cover: Tangled Webs
Tangled Webs
Book Cover: Thin Ice
Thin Ice

Written by Dee Henderson

Book Cover: Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past
Book Cover: Threads of Suspicion
Threads of Suspicion
Book Cover: Traces of Guilt
Traces of Guilt

Written by Ruth Logan Herne

Book Cover: Try, Try Again
Try, Try Again

Written by R. S. Ingermanson

Book Cover: Transgression

Written by Liz Johnson

Book Cover: On Love's Gentle Shore
On Love's Gentle Shore
Book Cover: The Red Door Inn
The Red Door Inn
Book Cover: Where Two Hearts Meet
Where Two Hearts Meet

Written by Todd M. Johnson

Book Cover: Fatal Trust
Fatal Trust

Written by Julianne Jones

Book Cover: The Scent of Rain
The Scent of Rain

Written by Ronie Kendig

Book Cover: Conspiracy of Silence
Conspiracy of Silence
Book Cover: Crown of Souls
Crown of Souls

Written by Sharon A. Lavy

Dreaming of a Father's Love
Dreaming of a Father's Love

Written by Julie Lessman

Book Cover: Isle of Hope
Isle of Hope

Written by Beverly Lewis

Book Cover: The Atonement
The Atonement
Book Cover: The Ebb Tide
The Ebb Tide
Book Cover: The Proving
The Proving
Book Cover: The Wish
The Wish

Written by Richard L. Mabry

Book Cover: Cardiac Event
Cardiac Event
Book Cover: Code Blue
Code Blue
Book Cover: Critical Condition
Critical Condition
Book Cover: Diagnosis Death
Diagnosis Death
Book Cover: Doctor's Dilemma
Doctor's Dilemma
Book Cover: Fatal Trauma
Fatal Trauma
Book Cover: Heart Failure
Heart Failure
Book Cover: Lethal Remedy
Lethal Remedy
Book Cover: Medical Error
Medical Error
Book Cover: Medical Judgment
Medical Judgment
Miracle Drug
Miracle Drug
Book Cover: Rx Murder
Rx Murder
Book Cover: Silent Night, Deadly Night
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Book Cover: Stress Test
Stress Test

Written by Gail Gaymer Martin

Treasures of Her Heart
Treasures of Her Heart

Written by Nancy Mehl

Book Cover: Dark Deception
Dark Deception
Book Cover: Fatal Frost
Fatal Frost

Written by Angela D. Meyer

Where Hope Starts
Where Hope Starts

Written by DiAnn Mills

Book Cover: Deadly Encounter
Deadly Encounter
Book Cover: Deep Extraction
Deep Extraction
Book Cover: Trial By Fire
Trial By Fire

Written by Sarah Monzon

Book Cover: The Isaac Project
The Isaac Project

Written by Mike Nappa

Book Cover: Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee
Book Cover: The Raven
The Raven

Written by Olivia Newport

Book Cover: Accidentally Amish
Accidentally Amish
Book Cover: Colors of Christmas
Colors of Christmas
Book Cover: Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls
Book Cover: In Plain View
In Plain View
Book Cover: Taken for English
Taken for English

Written by Jo Piazza O'Mara

Book Cover: Garden of Hope
Garden of Hope

Written by Sandra Orchard

Book Cover: A Fool and His Monet
A Fool and His Monet
Book Cover: Another Day Another Dali
Another Day Another Dali
Book Cover: Over Maya Dead Body
Over Maya Dead Body

Written by Samuel Parker

Book Cover: Purgatory Road
Purgatory Road

Written by Dani Pettrey

Book Cover: Blind Spot
Blind Spot
Book Cover: Cold Shot
Cold Shot
Book Cover: Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past
Book Cover: Still Life
Still Life

Written by Sarah Price

Amish Faith
Amish Faith

Written by Melissa Tagg

Book Cover: From the Start
From the Start
Book Cover: Keep Holding On
Keep Holding On
Book Cover: Like Never Before
Like Never Before
Book Cover: One December Night
One December Night
Book Cover: Three Little Words
Three Little Words

Written by Janice Hanna Thompson

Book Cover: Every Bride Has Her Day
Every Bride Has Her Day
Book Cover: Every Bride Needs a Groom
Every Bride Needs a Groom
Book Cover: Every Girl Gets Confused
Every Girl Gets Confused

Written by Carrie Turansky

Book Cover: Moonlight Over Manhattan
Moonlight Over Manhattan
Book Cover: Surrendered Hearts
Surrendered Hearts
Book Cover: Where Two Hearts Meet
Where Two Hearts Meet

Written by Bethany Turner

Book Cover: The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck
The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

Written by Becky Wade

Book Cover: A Love Like Ours
A Love Like Ours
Book Cover: Her One and Only
Her One and Only
Book Cover: Meant to Be Mine
Meant to Be Mine
Book Cover: True to You
True to You
Book Cover: Undeniably Yours
Undeniably Yours

Written by Dan Walsh

When Night Comes
When Night Comes

Written by Susan May Warren

Book Cover: A Matter of Trust
A Matter of Trust
Book Cover: Rescue Me
Rescue Me
Book Cover: Wild Montana Skies
Wild Montana Skies

Written by Merrillee Whren

Book Cover: A Family to Call Ours
A Family to Call Ours
Book Cover: A Love to Call Mine
A Love to Call Mine
Book Cover: A Place to Call Home
A Place to Call Home

Written by Jaime Jo Wright

Book Cover: The House on Foster Hill
The House on Foster Hill

Written by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Book Cover: Firefly Summer
Firefly Summer


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