Try, Try Again

(A Novel)

by Ruth Logan Herne

Book Cover: Try, Try Again
ISBN: 9781491235300
Pages: 272
ISBN: B00E8864D2
Pages: 273

Money isn't everything...

Powerful and rich, Wall Street financial wizard Conor Bradstreet had it all until his son's death showed him otherwise. A decade older and wiser, Conor now faces the final step in his healing - making peace with his ex-wife, a woman he's barely seen in eight long years.

Peace with Conor is the last thing on Alicia Bradstreet's mind. Losing her son hurt more than her heart... it darkened her soul. But now their oldest daughter is engaged to be married. Kim has fallen in love with a "mini-me" of Conor, a young financial braniac with a kid, a really cute kid at that. And Kim's living in the Big Apple, working for a major homeless foundation there, happily ensconced in the big city life Alicia avoided for years.

Planning a wedding adds an expectation of humor and harmony to a very un-harmonious life... Can Conor move past his guilt... and Alicia her anger... to embrace a new today, a sweet little girl, and a big old dog just yearning to be loved, much like his new owners. Can they move forward enough to... Try, Try Again?

Publisher: // Independent Publication
Reviews:Cindy on Goodreads wrote:

I didn’t know what to expect when I started to read Try Try Again. I had wanted to read this author’s books for a long time based on recommendations and blog interaction, but wasn’t sure what I would find. I’m sorry I waited this long. Ruth Logan Herne is a fantastic romance author and I can’t wait to read everything I can find with her byline.
Try Try Again is not your typical romance but more of the second-chance category. So appealing to not always have the young romantics as the hero/heroine. And what depth of character! Conor and Alicia were both so well done. I feel like they’re old friends. I also loved the fact that the majority of the book is from Conor’s point of view. He is such an awesome heroine. The reader will fall in love with him from the first page.
Alicia is the heroine you love to hate – then suddenly you just love her. Her personality is fabulous. Kim and Addie are fun characters, Grayce is adorable, but my absolute favorite is Foster. Love than houseman!
Ruth’s unique blend or humor, light sarcasm and drama make Try Try Again a book you might try and try again to put down but it won’t work. You’ll continually crave the next page as you work your way through the obstacles surrounding Conor and Alicia. You’ll cheer them on ever hoping for but never sure of a happily-ever-after ending.
Are the odds against Conor and Alicia too high? Is what they once had irretrievable? Has too much pain and misunderstanding passed between them? Pick up a copy of Try Try Again. You won’t be putting it down anytime soon.






About the Author

RUTH LOGAN HERNE loves Charlie Brown Christmas trees, rooting for the underdog and people who go the distance while others see the path as too long or broken! She loves God, chocolate, writing, dogs and is blessed by a sprawling family, oodles of grandkids and a sweet old farmhouse in constant need of work. She's sure that clean rooms are over-rated, snakes and possums should mind their own business and buy their own farm and puppies and kittens and babies are about the cutest things on Earth. An author for Love Inspired Books, Summerside Press and Fransiscan Media, she lives in upstate New York.

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