Second Opinion

(The Healing Touch #1)

by Hannah Alexander

Book Cover: Second Opinion
Part of the The Healing Touch series:
Pages: 315

When widower Dr. Grant Sheldon moves with his teenaged twins to Dogwood Springs, Missouri, they are still reeling from the death of his wife--their mother. He's hoping the idyllic setting of this small town will help ease the transition. He discovers too quickly that even this isolated place of beauty isn't free of all the problems he left behind in the city.

Experienced ER nurse, Lauren McCaffrey, arrives in Dogwood Springs hoping for a fresh start in her career--and her family's humiliating pressure for her to find a husband.

When the community's tranquility is threatened by a mysterious epidemic and an antagonist with a lust for money and hatred for authority, Grant and Lauren find themselves and their new friends racing the clock in a desperate search for answers.

Second Opinion combines emergency medicine and small-town America in a story of loves discovery and a faith that lasts.



Praise for Hannah Alexander

"Hannah Alexander blends fast-paced emergency room drama with a colorful cast of characters to keep you on the edge of your seat. I wish I'd discovered this author sooner!" Terri Blackstock, author of the Moonlighters series and the Intervention series.


Publisher: // Independent Publication - Republished
Reviews:Wendy Sparkes on Goodreads wrote:

Nurse Lauren McCaffrey moved to Dogwood Springs to get away from the pressures of her loving family who feel that at 35, she really should be married and settled with a family. She's had enough of them setting her up on blind dates...and it doesn't help that she really does want to be married and have a family, but the guys she likes always seem to love someone else. Maybe she is destined to be single. Maybe she just needs to focus on God and sharing His love to those around her.

Widower Dr. Grant Sheldon has moved to Dogwood Springs in the hopes that the small town will be a place for him and his children to heal, and so that he won't be exposed to the high rush of ER medicine of the big city.

Only, it's not working out quite like that. It seems there is a drug ring targeting the teenagers of the town, who are staying one step ahead of the authorities.

Also, there seems to be a mysterious "flu" type virus travelling the town with a lethal tendency. It becomes a race against time to figure out what's going on and to stop the epidemic. Especially when it seems like one of his nurses might be succumbing to the illness...a nurse with a big heart for her patients, and who has opened his heart to love again.

If you enjoy ER dramas and small town settings, then I highly recommend Second Opinion. I was drawn into this story from the start and enjoyed the twists and turns in the lives of the ER staff, and also the wider community. There are a few ends that still need tying up, so I'm looking forward to getting Necessary Measures - #2 in the Healing Touch Series & seeing what happens next!

A great start to the Healing Touch Series - a winning dramatic and faith filled ER story from Hannah Alexander.






About the Author

HANNAH ALEXANDER is the pen name for the husband-and-wife writing team Dr. Mel and Cheryl Hodde. The Hoddes began collaborating on fiction books during their first date, actually a blind date arranged by their pastor. It all began when Cheryl shocked Mel with her request, “Can you help me paralyze someone without killing him?”

Cheryl went on to explain that she was an author and needed to paralyze a character in the book she was working on. Mel, a board-certified ER physician with a degree in osteopathy, was happy to assist. This was Mel's introduction to the world of fiction and Cheryl’s introduction to medicine. They were both fascinated, and a year and a half later they were married.

The fascination grew as Mel shared more of his career experiences and Cheryl's imagination took over. Together, they generated ideas for a story. With Mel's medical input, encouragement and help with plotting, and Cheryl's writing skills gleaned over 13 years of writing, they developed their first ER-style novel.

The couple established a pen name that rightfully distinguished the two sides of their writing. Cheryl chose Hannah from the Bible meaning “she delights in the Lord.” Mel chose Alexander, meaning “servant of mankind,” drawing from his career as a physician. After more than a decade of marriage, they have written more than a dozen books as Hannah Alexander and have garnered a Christy award for their work.

Mel and Cheryl reside in the Missouri Ozarks, where they like to set the majority of their books. You can find their website at

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